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Ready or Not: Tactical FPS Thrills in the Streets of Los Suenos

Dive into the heart-pounding world of Ready or Not, a tactical FPS that demands brains over brawn. Developed by VOID Interactive, this game redefines strategic gameplay, rewarding careful planning over trigger-happy instincts. Join us as we explore the immersive experience, gripping storyline, and the ins and outs of commanding your SWAT team in the chaotic realm of Los Suenos.

Today, we’re talking about a game that’s all about thinking before pulling the trigger – Ready or Not. We’re not just talking about your typical run-and-gun; we’re diving into a tactical first-person shooter that throws you into the gritty world of crime and strategy.

Storyline: No Hollywood Drama, Just Tactical Action

Let’s get one thing straight – Ready or Not doesn’t waste time on a blockbuster narrative. VOID Interactive serves up a series of missions, each with its own story told through pre-game briefings. Forget about a linear campaign, though. The developers put serious effort into creating realistic locations and contexts, all set near the fictional city of Los Suenos, where crime runs deep.

You step into the shoes of a SWAT commander from the Los Suenos Police Department. While the game may lack a rigid narrative, the developers craft a rich background through your base of operations – the police station. It’s from here that your missions kick off, and where you’ll need to take care of your squad because in Ready or Not, the action isn’t confined to the battlefield.

Gameplay: More Than Just a Trigger Finger

Now, let’s talk about the real deal – the gameplay. We’re breaking it down into three categories: single player, multiplayer, and squad management at the police station.

We spent a good chunk of time going solo, testing the touted responsive AI of both allies and enemies. The verdict? The artificial intelligence is top-notch. Whether you’re barking orders or reacting to dynamic situations, your team of five members (where you play the commander) responds well. You can issue commands using a comfortable selection wheel or a dedicated key, making the experience both immersive and strategic. It’s not your typical run-and-gun FPS; it feels more like a simulator at times.

Jumping into multiplayer? Make sure you assemble a full team of five because the bots won’t cut it here. Coordination is everything. Forget the Rambo approach – you’ll need to be cautious with every shot. Hostages, civilians, and surrendering enemies mean you can’t go trigger-happy. It’s a more moderate approach, as your actions impact not only the mission but also life back at the police station.

Police Station Management – It’s Not All Action: Yep, you heard it right – you’re not just a trigger-happy SWAT member. Back at the police station, you’ll need to manage your team, replace fallen comrades, let them rest, and even nurture their abilities. Lose an agent, and you lose their unique skills. Your playstyle affects how your team perceives you, so going full-on aggressive might have consequences. It’s a dynamic management system that adds a layer of complexity to the game.

Moving on to the aesthetics – Ready or Not is a visually pleasing title. While it might not boast triple-A graphics, the attention to detail is commendable. The designers put effort into creating realistic environments that enhance the overall immersion.

On the technical front, the game runs smoothly on the Steam Deck, striking a balance between graphical fidelity and frame rate. Our advice? Prioritize frame rate for this genre. We didn’t encounter major bugs, just a few hiccups in AI behavior when they were asked to perform actions beyond their capabilities. Overall score: 8,5.

In a nutshell, Ready or Not is a deep and immersive tactical shooter. The two years in Early Access did wonders, with developers listening to the community without losing the essence of the game. Fair warning, though – if you’re looking for an easy ride, this might not be your cup of tea. Oh, and there’s no difficulty slider, so buckle up for the challenge it throws at you.

Ready or Not, the streets of Los Suenos are calling. Are you ready for the tactical challenge Catch you in the game, gamers!

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