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Factory Fever Hits Alien Shores!

Dive into an alien world where your corporate ladder climb starts with building the ultimate factory paradise (or dystopia)?

Hey there, Gamie Duds extraterrestrial adventurers and tycoon dreamers! Ever fantasized about being the big boss of your own alien factory, complete with all the sci-fi bells and whistles? Well, let me introduce you to “Satisfactory”, the game that’s basically the love child of Minecraft’s creativity, Factorio’s complexity, and a pinch of Subnautica’s alien wonder.

Satisfactory is a jack of many trades because it combines an open world first person experience with factory management and exploration in a science fiction package. In the story you play as an employee of FICSIT Incorporated who has been dropped on an alien planet in order to contribute to the mysterious “project assembly”. The aim of this project is classified but it is your duty to build and manage a factory on this planet that will be vital to the project. Feel free to exploit the planet and all life on it in order to meet your production quotas, even if the aliens don’t agree with you!

To accomplish your goals you will to obtain the right materials and build the machinery required to produce the components  from these materials. This will all need to be connected by an intricate web of different types of infrastructure such as trains, conveyer belts, pipes and much more. You will need to carefully micromanage all your facilities to stay at peak production while generating enough electricity to power it all. Advancing up the tiers will grant you access to new technologies and new things to produce. The game somewhat feels like an on-land Subnautica with its futuristic story line where you need to craft and survive on an explorable alien world. However, this time with more focus on exploiting the planet for your corporate overlords as opposed to escaping the planet.

After the game was launched into early access back in 2019, the game has seen a steady stream of updates which have quantum leaped the game from obscurity to being the one of the best factory building games yet. Notably, the game became one of world’s first independently developed games to adopt Unreal Engine 5. A loyal community has been involved in the game’s early access who have provided their feedback and creativity for the game which has consequently resulted in a very unique and popular factory management game.

Now finally after 5 long years, Coffee Stain Studios has announced that Satisfactory is finally getting truly released with its proper 1.0 (gold) release later this year. The announcement came in the form of a hilarious YouTube video posted by Coffee stain Studios where the community manager Snutt Treptow touched on why and how the game has evolved over the years and what the future of the game holds. He didn’t give much information on what exactly the 1.0 release will add to the game but what we do know is that it will contain “new, yet-to-be-seen content, fixes to some of the long-lasting issues we’ve had in the game, and a way to complete the game, along with a narrative.”

Curious about getting a sneak peek before the rest of the galaxy? Sign up for the closed Beta happening in the second quarter of 2024. If you’ve been building your empire since the early days, good news: you won’t have to start from scratch in the Beta.

So, what are you waiting for? If the idea of bending an alien ecosystem to your will (all in the name of corporate advancement, of course) sounds like your kind of party, “Satisfactory” is your ticket to ride. Let’s get those factories humming, and who knows, maybe we’ll find out what “Project Assembly” really is. Until then, keep those supply chains tight and your factories brighter. See you on the alien frontier, space engineers!

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